Q: I’m having difficulty ordering. What should I do?
A: You can contact us and we will gladly assist you.
By phone: (323) 540-5692 (Israel)
By e-mail: JerusalemGiftBaskets@gmail.com

Q: I can’t enter more than one shipping address in my order. I am ordering multiple baskets that need to be delivered to different locations.
A: Please e-mail us at JerusalemGiftBaskets@gmail.com with all of your recipients’ information (name of package, name of recipient, address, phone number, message) and we will enter the information into our system.

Q: Where do you deliver? Do you deliver all over Israel?
A: We hand deliver in central Israel, and send all other packages through the Israeli Postal Service.
* please note: we cannot be responsible for incorrect addresses provided to us.

Q: When will the packages be delivered?
A: All Purim packages delivered in Central Israel will be delivered by Purim (Deliveries begin the week of Purim)

All other packages will be sent through the 24 hour service provided by the Israeli Post Office.   We cannot guarantee that they will arrive on time since it is out of our hands. We will do our best and it should get there on time as long as the order was placed on time.

Q: What are your delivery charges?
A: Each package has an $8.00 delivery charge for Jerusalem deliveries and a $15 fee for the rest of Israel.  Packages over $50 have free shipping all over Israel.  When ordering multiple packages, the regular delivery fees will apply to the packages under $50.