Purim to Perfection Package – FREE SHIPPING to Israel

$175.00 $155.00

2 bottles wine each 750 ml , matzah tray, large chocolate cake, large bag corn chips, large bag chocolate covered apropos, large bag oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, package of cookies half chocolate half biscuit, apple flavored marmalade cookies, 72% real cocoa chocolate bar, large bag spicy doritos, bag of clicks, 50gram bag of nescafe coffee, splendid brand chocolate bar, marzipan challah, 4 or 5 pesekzman/caramel chews/peanut crunch type bars –regular size, extra large chocolate bar that says chag purim sameach, glass container of chocolates.

Dimension:  17″ x 9″ x 24″ (2 feet)



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